Our group focuses on understanding materials evolution under extreme conditions using multiscale computational modeling. Formulating theoretical models of materials behavior under a variety of far-from-equilibrium conditions, e.g. shock-loading, very fast deformation rates, high dose and dose rate irradiation, ultrafast heating, etc., requires a deep understanding of a wide range of physical processes. We develop efficient computational techniques to implement these materials models, taking advantage of large-scale parallel computing capabilities. At every possible scale, our simulations are benchmarked against and validated with experimental data to build confidence in the models. Specific areas of interest are microstructural evolution and mechanical property degradation in fusion materials, simulations of plastic deformation in alloys, simulations of thermodynamics and phase transformations in functional materials, strength in nanostructured crystals, and simulations of irradiation damage in a variety of situations. The overarching goal of our work is to influence materials synthesis and design by understanding their internal evolution under prescribed conditions.

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Group News

March 2020:
   Our recent article in Nature Communications has been indexed in Sift Desk.
January 2020:
   Jaime has been promoted to Full Professor!
September 2019:
   Jaime appears as a co-author in a new Nature Materials article!
October 2019:
   We welcome Sicong (Alan) He as a new PhD in the Marian group!
June 2019:
   We welcome Martin Diehl, scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research in Duesseldorf, who will be staying with us until October.
April 2019:
   Marc has successfully defended his thesis! Congratulations to Dr Zhao, PHD in Materials Science and Engineering from UCLA!
   We welcome Pablo Molina and Sergio Luccarini in their visits to work in our group for a few months.
March 2019:
   Iris has successfully defended her thesis! Congratulations to Dr Chang, PHD in Materials Science and Engineering from UCLA!
January 2019:
   After four productive years at UCLA, Nikhil is starting as Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) . We will miss him but we wish him the best and look forward to continuing the collaboration!
November 2018:
   Congratulations to Shu Huang for passing her qualifying oral exam!!
October 2018:
   Congratulations to Qianran Yu (MAE) for passing her qualifying oral exam!!
September 2018:
   We welcome Cameron McElfresh, new PhD student in the Marian group!!
   Research at the Marian Group featured in Scientific.net!
   Michael Reyes has passed his thesis defense! Congratulations to Dr Reyes, PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA!.
   Nick Julian wins a 2018 DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) award!
June 2018:
   Qianran Yu and Shu Huang to do a five-week interneship at Los Alamos National Laboratory this summer.
May 2018:
   Iris has been selected to attend the prestigious Chemistry and Materials Summer School at LLNL this summer.
January 2018:
   We welcome Javier Segurado from IMDEA-Materials in Spain for a six-month sabbatical!
December 2017:
   Prof. Marian selected as a member of the executive committee of UCLA's Plasma Science and Technology Institute
September 2017:
   Congratulations to Nick Julian on winning a DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Fellowship!
June 2017:
   Congratulations to Michael Reyes (MAE) on passing his qualifying oral exam!
May 2017:
   Sky passes his thesis defense. Congrats to Dr Huang!
March 2017:
   Jaime selected as an Editorial Board member of the Condensed Matter Physics section of Scientific Reports
   Congratulations to Marc and Nick on passing their qualifying oral exams!
January 2017:
   Marian group featured on UCLA's IDRE's Newsletter and Newsline!
December 2016:
   Jaime's dual appointment with the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department approved!
October 2016:
   Congratulations to Iris on passing her qualifying oral exam!.
September 2016:
   Iris Chang selected for a six-month internship at Apple as a simulations engineer for laser based material processing.
July 2016:
   Nikhil has been awarded a IDRE Postdoctoral Fellowship!
June 2016:
   Jaime to attend the COSIRES and Mod-PMI-2016 conferences in Loughborough, UK.
May 2016:
   Marian's group research is featured in Advances in Engineering.
April 2016:
   Glenn Jones visiting for 10 weeks from the University of Oxford
March 2016:
   Sky and Jaime attend the 2016 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.
February 2016:
   Sky's first draft paper finished and published in ArXiV
September 2015:
   Jaime to deliver plenary talk at the ICFRM-17 conference in Germany    on October 11
June 2015:
   Congratulations to David on his new postdoctoral position at Johns    Hopkins!
   We welcome Asghar as a new postdoc in the group!
March 2015:
   Jaime and David attend the TMS Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.
   Congrats to Sky Huang for passing his quals!

David's farewell luncheon, 1 June 2015

Group picture, Feb 2017

Group picture, Jan 2020